Extend Storage Duration For Specific Cameras On Exacq?

I have Customer who want more days on just two of his cameras. He has exacqvision ELP hybrid system today. Is there away to have Exacq give "priory" to specific cameras to meet desired amount of days? Which would give the other less amount of days?

Second Question

If I setup a NAS device and archive to that using exacqvision archive feature. Can I only do those two cameras? Or is it going to do all of them?

Third Question

What drives would you recommend for NAS? I see they have RED which I've used before. But can i get by with purple from WD?

This is possible within Exacq's own interface.

See Exacq Server Storage page and video below:

Within the storage section you can set minimum or maximum retention policies.

Disclosure: Product Manager for exacqVision

As pointed out by Simon, yes, you can set a camera "at least" rule. Other cameras without the "at least" rule will potentially have their retention impacted. For example, if you set a rule of 30 days for one camera and there is enough storage for all cameras to get 35 days, then no problem. If the current retention is at 28 days for all cameras, then setting that rule on one camera will result in 30 days for that camera and <28 days for all other cameras.

The archiving feature can be configured to archive specific cameras.

We use Purple drives in non-RAID exacqVision systems. If your NAS has a number of drives together you might want tot use the Purple NV.

Thanks Ryan! Never heard of purple NV by WD. I will check that out. Thanks