Offering An Extended Warranty?

Anyone offering extended warranty?

I am thinking that might be a good product to offer... maybe we can make a little money from it...

We are offering a full two-year warranty, parts and labor. It is very successful for us. Not all care, but the clients we want, do.

Do you just do the warranty yourself? Or do you partner with a warranty company to do it?
I am waiting on an email back from square trade.

Can you give me a hint as to what the customer cost looks like?

I was thinking something like $10 a month? But I am just starting to research this.


We do it ourselves. Square Trade is not a bad idea, but keep in mind we use quality vendors. Top shelf only.

Are you doing a warranty on cameras too?
Or just the NVR?

If you are talking to me, we warranty everything for two years. Video, access control, intrusion and fire.

wow! thank you so much!

you guys really do have a lot of confidence in those products! :)

I dont know man... I just checked Dell and you can get a 3 year warranty on a PC for only $75.
That's only $2 / month... We will keep working on this.

Thanks for the feedback.