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Extended Warranty Options?

Are the any sources to purchase extended warranties for surveillance and/or alarm panels, to resell to clients? As an example how they resell for appliances.

Syed, the first thing I would do is speak with the manufacturer of the products you are looking to purchase an extended warranty from. This is fairly common (see Axis as one example).

I am not sure about third parties offering warranties. I would suspect they would be more expensive as it is more risky for a third party to do so especially with surveillance or alarm panels that have less volume that your typical consumer appliance.

Take an example at IQeye cameras. Most models have a 5 year warranty, if desirable with pre exchange. As a standard! No need to register online or to fullfill other conditions. The distributors of IQinVision and their installer are following this policy. The enduser has the benefit of fast rerplacement, the installer/distributor of almost no paperwork.

Thank you undisclosed IQinVision employee! What the hell...

Reminder: NO PROMOTION especially of the undisclosed, sneaky type.

Most people are not going to switch brands for 2 extra years of warranty.

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