Explosion Proof Wiegand Readers And Keypads

Not video related , but does anyone know of a manufacturer of explosion proof wiegand readers and keypads?

Greetings Undisclosed A,

While I do not know exactly what you are looking for, I did find some manufacturers online that do provide explosion proof readers and keypads.

For readers, I found General Atomics and Timm Elektronik.

As for keypads, Dopokey Electronics and Pronor as examples.

My question to you is, are you against using an enclosure? Also, are you looking for a card reader/keypad combo? Hope this helps!

Undisclosed A and B,

I could not find any explosion proof readers/keypads that have a wiegand (clock/data) output. The 2 units that Undisclosed B found do indeed read standard proximity cards, but the reader output from their spec sheets lists RS-232/RS-485 for one of them and a proprietary output format called "TExi bus" on the other. These readers could not be connected to a standard D0/D1 clock-and-data used with standard access control systems. The keypads have PS2, USB or RS232 outputs and they could not work with D0/D1 either.