Explosion Proof / Certified For Use In Explosion Rated Rooms

Hey hey,

Need some help finding a Class 1 Div 2 explosion proof (spark free) mag lock or surface RIM strike.

Anyone no where to start looking? Schlage, SDC, Allegion, RCI, all said nothing.

Still navigating through Assa Abloy......

I found an exit button, the lock is a a different story...


Wow, what an interesting application. It actually makes good sense to have hazardous rated door hardware, yet it doesn't seem to exist!

I found an pneumatic door (think auto open/close like a spaceship) that is Class 1 Div 1 rated, but haven't turned up any strikes yet.

I've asked some people at Assa and Allegion for help. I'll post their replies.

I believe a mag lock or strike would be considered intrinsically safe but have seen maglocks and other devices by www.erichindustries to be certified Class 1 Div 2. E-HD176/24