Explosion Proof Card Readers


Anyone has a clue where we can have Explosion proof Access Card Readers?


Mohammed Salil

No idea but out of curiosity, what is the explosion proof strike/release mechanism that you will be using?

This is a good question. Anecdotally I have seen off-shore oil platforms with EX rated areas use pneumatic doors (think sci-fi spaceship) to secure specific areas.

It's not an electric strike or maglock for sure, but the entire door assembly itself can be made to 'lock' an opening.

It's a super-niche application, so you probably should not expect a wide selection of offerings, but there are a few:

Mercury HMI (UK), unrelated to Mercury Secury, offers an EX rated reader branded Sentry. It doesn't output weigand, and there is an intermediate interface needed to integrate to an access system.

Cost is unpublished, but it is likely high.

HID also offers a 'hazardous area' reader that is not EX rated, but is Class 1/Div 2 compliant. Connecting that device is similar to other readers, and there is no need for an intermediate interface.

It is special order, and it looks like pricing starts at ~$500 USD, but the cabling utility rating is not part of the device and may increase the overall cost significantly if field certificaton is required.

Thanks Brian

We will advise client to use EXPROOF ENCLOSURES in the worst case