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Experiences With ISD?

I have a vendor recommending ISD cameras for a project I'm working on. I've never worked with them, so please share any experiences you've had with them. We'll be using them indoor in a retail setting, ceiling mounted. They'll be recorded with Genetec.

I'm interested in failure rates, experience working with their support teams and your impressions of image quality.


ISD is owned by Digital Watchdog now. They acquired them earlier this year

We have not tested ISD cameras yet so cannot comment on that.

In terms of support, we talk with Ian Johnson, ISD's CEO, now Digital Watchdog CTO. He is smart and a straight shooter.

Btw, are you looking to integrate ISD edge storage with Genetec?

John, we won't be leveraging the edge storage. It is good to hear the CTO is a straight shooter.


John Honovich can pass along my contact info to you privately if you would like to discuss the ISD integration into Security Center.

I've worked with the ISD CTO for many years and can attest to him being as John has reffered: "a straight shooter"


Jason Glover


Thanks Jason. We'll see if this project moves beyond the conceptual phase and if it does, I'll definitely reach out to you. Right now I'm trying to get a basic sense for ISD/Digital Watchdog to help us make the decision if we should use them in an upcoming POC.

Not sure if I should take the few number of responses as an indicator of minimal experience with ISD/Digital Watchdog or simply a lack of strong opinions.

ISD was / is an early stage company, 3 years old or so, without much sales and marketing resources. As such, I doubt there's a ton of people using them.

Ian Johnson, the founder, was previous the long term CTO of IQinVision, so ISD does have experience, just not much market share.

Btw, I would not compare Digital Watchdog cameras / approach to ISD as DW is historically more of an analog / commodity camera manufacturer. They may disagree but...

Full Disclosure - I work for Digital Watchdog


If you would like to evaluate our Megapix CaaS cameras, built on ISD technology, please reach out to me I can arraign to have a camera sent to you for evaluation. Ian and I are traveling together this week if you would like to have a conversation.


Patrick Kelly

Thanks for the offer Patrick, but we're not ready to commit to trying out any cameras yet. This was a initial information gathering effort.

Awesome image quality. I believe they have Carl Zeiss lenses on them (Jaguars). They can stream up to 4 independent video streams and can record locally to an SD.