Experience With Identicard Premisys?

Does anyone have experience with IDenticard's PremiSys Access Control platform? I have not seen a system 'in the wild', and can only gather stock details for their website.

For example, I see they are a Mercury Partner, feature IR's Apti-Q readers/Schlage AD400 lockset integration, and feature their mobile app prominently, but otherwise I'm curious to hear your experiences.

How is support? Pricing? Anyone integrate PremiSys with a VMS?

Thanks in advance.

We've had to service one and add a card reader to one that was installed by a local competitor who was not responsive to service or sales request. Support isnt terrible from what I heard, no idea on pricing, and it doesn't integrate with the schools current VMS (Genetec), and therefore will soon be replaced...

Sorry, not much help, but I have seen one in the wild.

They support the NDE series also. This is a game changer. Installed a few merc doors on their software. "Triggers and Procedures" were a complicated process to get things to function on a schedule when some of this stuff should have been built in but the last version i used was 2.0 (3 years ago ) and they have made some updates since then, so I can really speak to how well the software works.

We have worked with it some out in my area, both the old form (though only one system, and then it got upgraded), and a few of the Premysis systems. The boards themselves aren't bad, especially now that they are Mercury. Software wise though there are some shortcomings (such as programming in lockdown is a very tricky and feels almost like a workaround rather then a built in feature).

Support wise I will have to give them a lot of credit, they are really good at walking people through things (I took the certification class and then didn't touch an Identicard system for almost 8 months so there were some things I had forgotten, they walked me through it all without anything)