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Experience With Geovision Mini Fixed Domes GV-MFD1501

Does anyone have any experience with this line of cameras (GV-MFD1501) from Geovision? Those are some pretty high claims for a Mini dome camera and I'm wondering if they actually work that well. Thanks in advance!

I found this video from Geovision on Youtube. Pretty skeptical.

Jason, we ordered one and are going to do a test next week. At the very least, it's an interesting claim as not many minidomes tout 'super low lux'. Let's see how well it does.

Expect us to publish after ISC West (2 weeks from now).

I installed a few GV domes from the same model family a few years back. One thing I absolutely hated was the orientation of the cable jack out the back:

It is essentially exposed and vulnerable to tamper. In a low ceiling, you could kill a camera without risking being seen by it at all.

Thanks guys, I look forward to a true neutral test!