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Experience With Everfocus Paluns?

Was considering reusing 4 existing RG69 cables for POE devices (APs, people counters)- had mixed experiences at another site with altronix ebridge plus (likely due to power source, but that is a different story).

Reviewed the EOC shootout - noticed that the Everfocus paluns were not included. Purchasing one to start testing - but would like to know of any experiences (good or bad) implementing these in the field.

I was a little confused on why these Baluns are called 'Paluns'... I'm gathering this is a marketing-mashup of 'Powered + Baluns'? Is that correct?

Yeah - I'm guessing that marketing won the naming game.

Stupid thing is, they're not baluns - BALanced/UNbalanced line converters - either. *facepalm*

I think the use of the word "won" here is dubious at best...

Agreed - but I never won a contest with a marketing exec over technical accuracy. ;)

I've installed 5 sets of them that I picked up from ADI on sale. They didn't power on with the unmanaged PoE switches I had, but did work with mid-span PoE injectors. The Everbridge units were small and easy to stuff in the ceiling above the 1.3MP and 3MP Hikvision dome cams I used with them. The coax cable runs ranged in length from 200-600'. One especially long cable run of unknown distance did not work.

Most of the cheap PoE switches I've come across only support mode B/midspan power, which caused some issues once when I was forced to split out one Cat5e to run two cameras.

Thanks Brandon - exactly why I am considering them - small and easy for retrofit. Also using a midspan approach. Thanks for sharing your experiences.