Experience With CCTV Install In Nuclear Power Plants?

One of our clients want to use radiation resistant Cams for Nuclear Power Plant monitoring. Unlike regular cams, Nuclear plants use radiation resistant cams. Even the cables have to be rad-resistant.

I found a manufacturer called Diakont.com who does this. But they are still doing analog. We would have preferred a pure IP solution. Worst case scenario, we would use an encoder to get it to our VMS.

Any other manufacturer recommendations / experience sharing would be highly appreciated.

I ran across this Rolls-Royce VMS (Modified Genetec) for nuclear a little while ago:

The Rolls Royce Of VMSes?

Apparently they also have cameras.

No experience.

I would be happy to discuss this with you. Nuclear operations is a very big part of our business. Please PM to discuss if you are interested.

I have previously installed cameras that would then be discarded after the radiation exposure clouded the lens. Much less expensive than buying expensive special-purpose cameras. Would still recommend analog cameras with encoders located outside the radiation exposure area, providing the resolution is sufficient to meet the goals.

Infiniti Optics offers a full line of ATEX and long range IP camera products. We can custom build to suite your nuclear application.

Here is a link to our ATEX product info:


Contact info@infinitioptics.com for more information.

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With all due respect to those who have commented here, RAD tolerant or RAD hardened cameras are very very specifically engineered and are designed to function in a variety of RAD environments that are generally incredibly hostile.

Knowing what type and level of radiation is in the area of concern is also key to selecting an appropriate camera system.

ATEX or Explosion Proof or Intrinsically Safe ratings refer to combustible atmosphere usage only and have no bearing whatsoever to RAD tolerance. These ratings simply make the enclosures certifiably gas-tight.

Simply building a camera system and hoping it is going to work without exhaustive testing in a RAD environment is not a solution. In addition, the nuclear world is more regulated than any other environment you can imagine. No nuclear plant operator is going to deploy any commercial camera where a RAD hardened solution is required.

Please contact me privately if you have any interest in discussing this in more detail.