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Experience And Opinion About Axxon Intellect (2000+ Cameras Project)

Dear colleagues,

We have a CCTV project which includes 2000+ cameras and currently we are in the process of evaluating several VMS platforms. One interesting option in terms of pricing and performance is Axxon Intellect, but unfortunately we have not found a detailed and independent evaluation of this tool here in IPVM or in other available sources. What do you think about Intellect? Do you have any experience using it for similar-sized projects?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

At that size of project, you might really want to start looking at what major casinos are using.

I worked on a smaller size casino project, and one of the biggest challenges is getting a good layout for your security room to be able to put all the information they have to use, have it be accessible, and easy to follow.

The ability to review is one thing, but being able to actively monitor or support is a whole other ball of wax to consider.

Nicolas, while we have reviewed / tested their entry level offering and one of their features (Time Compressor), we have not covered their enterprise offering. The main reason is that Axxon, based in Russia, does not have much presence in North America or Western Europe, our two biggest markets.

Thanks for your answers.

We are evaluating also other more 'common' alternatives such as Milestone or Genetec, which technically fit in our project requirements, but at a much higher price tag...the main question is if Axxon is reliable enough for such a large project. Theoretically, it offers similar or even better performance in some aspects, but the price difference with other more popular VMS tools makes me wonder if there is any 'hidden trick' to consider in our evaluation...

I worked 5 years for AxxonSoft, now I'm designing systems, mainly with AxxonSoft and aimetis.

AxxonNext, already tested here, works fine in smaller projects, but is also already used in projects with a higher amount of cameras (400, but no special features).

Axxon Intellect is in use in project sizes from two to a couple of thousand cameras. Me personally worked on projects in the UK, Sweden and Germany with couple of hundred cameras. One project in the UK contains 350 5MP cameras (not my decision!), main challenge here was HW ;)

No SW will be just run out of the box. Intellect needs a deep training and understanding, but this is the same for Milestone or Genetec. Beside of the already mentioned advantage, I see the advantages mainly on flexibility. GUI is something you (client) decides. Basically, Intellect could look like always different, depending on who is logging in, where are you logged in, when you logged in. Yes, it is complex to configure, but Flexibility means most of the time you need to tweak things - and you should now what you are doing.

Intellect works (especially) fine on Distributed Systems, like for Companies with different locations but mainly monitored from one location. You also have the chance to add other subsystems (like we did with Access Control or Intrusion Detections systems (e.g Paxton, Salto, Optex...), you can add LPR or Face Recognition (me personally did both) as well as several POS-systems.

Any special questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for your answer Harald.

In fact, our application is really a heavy distributed one, with multiple and sparse sites connected through an IP backbone. Each site is controlled locally and there is a central site which can access to the cameras of any location.

For that reason, we think that Milestone, Genetec and Axxon fit well in this architecture. You are right and any of them is a complex tool that needs proper training and experience, specially for such a complex architecture.

From the user GUI perspective, my impression is that Milestone and Genetec are more powerful when compared to Axxon (at least, when compared with the enterprise edition -Intellect-, as AxxonNext seems to provide a richer user experience)

What to choose it is not an easy decision for us . Price of course is an important part of the equation, but not the only one. I prefer choosing the proper tool for the project and pay an extra if needed than to experiment a later 'buyer's remorse' feeling...

Nicolas, as a general point, most VMS companies are willing to give substantial non-published discounts for large jobs like yours. I recommend you push Genetec, Milestone and any other VMS you are considering to 'sharpen their pencil'.

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Axxon Intellect software has been successfully Sold in Middle East region for the last few years through our company SNB Middle East FZC, A Value Added Distribution Company (HQ in Dubai) and installed through our valuable partners System integrators, Trained and certified from Axxon. The support offered by Axxon Soft related to technical and commercial are tremendous. We have successfully installed intellect with 960 cameras last year.

Last year we have bided for a project with Axxon Intellect for 2150 cameras, currently implementation is carrying on. We find Intellect as a stable product . We have done multiple successful projects along with ALPR module along with Axxon intellect.

We are bidding for projects with cameras more than 3000 ...