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Experience About POE Near 600V Cables

Hello, I'm looking for feedback about POE cables near 600V cables.

Type of cable ? distance between cables ? fiber ? copper ?

Many thanks for your feedback :)

Hello, Aurélien, Do you have an idea of how long the distance needs to be? There are several options, but total length is an important factor in determining relative cost of those options.

Aurelien, are you talking about putting the PoE in the same conduit (bad idea), in the same trough/tray (should be ok)? Electrical code would, for the most part, prevent you from doing things that would make PoE unstable. You really should not have a problem with 600V. But of course there are a lot of factors here. You need to provide more details.

I run fiber to our electrical substations and break out into UTP/CAT5e for the control panels. The CAT5e doens't use POE. All the CAT5e runs are under 20ft. All the high voltage equipment is shielded and grounded. I have no problems.