Exacqvision Enterprise SSA Price Increase

Has anybody else gotten this notification. Enterprise per camera price increases of 80 percent per year. (15 dollars increased to 27 dollars). It used to be 25 per camera per year plus 85 per year per Enterprise server (msrp). Licenses at 150 per device and 500 per server. All systems were sold as such to the customer. Now we have to explain, on a 500 camera system, how it will now cost much more per year.

Should this not be grandfathered for existing customers? Does this punish the certified integrator for selling the Enterprise option? Is the Enterprise option worth it? Is this an attempt to recoup costs for cloud and ESM?

Dear Undisclosed 1 Integrator,

Yes, we are grandfathering enterprise software prices on systems quoted prior to October 1 2015. Please contact your Exacq sales representative to register your project for this price transition.

Update: We have a new post that explains the changes in detail: Exacq Increases Enterprise VMS Prices