Exacqvision 64 Bit Improvements

What improvements can I expect to see now that Exacq offers a 64 bit solution. (I normally use Xeon E3 1220V3, S1200V3RPL board, Windows Server 2012, and Exacqvision 32 bit).

Disclosure: I am the product manager for exacqVision.

To put it plainly, you won't see any performance difference between 32-bit and 64-bit exacqVision at this time. At most, the operating system now has more ability to handle memory for the application during periods of high activity. For most customers the recorder is working in a steady state of activity and that is an unlikely scenario.

Where is that scenario more likely? If the recorder is virtualized and sharing resources with other workloads, or if there is a 3rd party application installed consuming resources (our CSA program), then the 64-bit version gives the OS more ability to buffer application activity.

Then why did we build a 64-bit version? Mostly the 64-bit version is a starting point for future architectural enhancements where we could see performance enhancement.

Thanks Ryan for the explanation. It is great to see that Exacqvision has moved to 64 bit architecture since we have been running it on 64 bit OS platforms and hardware for several years.