Exacq With Hikvision TVI Encoder.

I have a customer with 12 older analog cameras. Rather then replacing the wiring which would cost a lot more. I was hoping to put in DS-6716HQHI-SATA. Then replace the older cameras as they go out with new TVI 1080p. I am going with Exacq server and was wonder few items.

Exacq says they support it but...It requires special firmware from the manf. (see Here)

Will I be able to see 1080p images with exacq if i use a TVI camera?

Has anyone used exacq and this encoder with TVI cameras? If So...any issues?


Yes you should be able to record the full capability of the camera/encoder.

Thanks, I thought so. Just haven't used one yet.

I have been testing this encoder with Avigilon and Genetec but I haven't been able to get it fully functioning with either vms yet. Avigilon connects and motion works but I am getting artifacting when any object moves in the FOV. Genetec connects but I don't get any video. This was tested using the specific firmware for each VMS manufacture. I am interested to see what your results are with Exacq.

Hey Michael did you ever manage to get it working with Avigilon? I had the same artifacting issues in Exacq and we fixed them by setting the max bitrate at 4096 and quality at 90+ (settings from within Exacq). Works great now.

Avigilon does not list the DS-6716HQHI-SATA on their supported device page, but I am just wondering if you ever got it successfully working with motion recording and no artifacts?

Have you confirmed that the TVI version will also work with Exacq as there is no mention of it on Exacq's website. The product and Exacq test record you referred to is the analogue camera encoder. I have successfully connected 1 of these (analogue encoder) to an Exacq NVR and was able to get the 1st 4 channels up with no problems (could not get the rest working as I did not have the custom firmware). The custom firmware referred to maps the remaining groups of 4 channels to different port ranges so I don't think there would be any issue doing this.

I would be very interested to learn if in fact the TVI version works with Exacq. I also can not find any reference to this product on the North American version of the web site although it is listed on ADI's website for sale.

No I haven't tried yet. I am looking to see if I can get Hikvision demo unit to try. I notice Video insight using advidias encoder is a (rebranded Hikvision) TVI encoder. Not sure that helps.

I have two customers that I could use this solution for. I kinda made the mistake of looking at the encoder on exacq integration page thinking it was the TVI encoder. I hate hikvisions part numbers! Whoops!

Funny thing is I purchased a Exacq encoder and notice that it was re-branded hikvision encoder..

I'll Post back with my findings once I get one.

I realize this is a year old thread, but we have the DS6716HQHI-SATA working on Exacq - it works with non-HIKVision TVI cameras as well. There is a special firmware you need to upgrade to before it will work on Exacq - HIK has this available on their FTP.