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Embed Exacq Video On Web Page

Hello I am not all that familiar with API programming and was looking for a simple piece of code that will extract live video from EXACQ mobile server and embed it in a web page.

I know it's possible but am not sure which section of the API document is the code piece for this request.

Essentially I want the HTML 5 code that I can use to embed on a web page so a visitor can just click to play and it will stream the camera feed. No logins can be required for the visitor to the page.

Has anyone done this and have the code they can share?


In the webAPI zip package, go into the \API\ directory and look for test-api-v2.html and test-api-v2.js file. These are the "top" of the sample app. If you have the web service running locally, loading the .html file in your browser will run the sample app. If the web service is running elsewhere, open up the test-api-v2.js file and modify EVWEB2.Service() to point to your web service. The parameters are covered in the "Connecting to a Service" section of the api-v2.js Usage documenation. Then load the HMTL and the sample app will be running for you to explore.

Once you have the sample app working, look closely at the Live Video part of api-v2.js Usage documentation. That shows how to load up live video.

Thanks Ryan, I will certainly try this.

How bout instead of embedding, how to pull a straight RTSP stream from the web service for use in VLC player?