Looking For NVR To Record UHD Cameras And Work With A NAS

The interface on Dahua leaves a lot to be desired.

I want to use UHD Dahua cams (normally have good lighting - all is relatively short, indoor distance (15m max).

HATE that Dahua only allows 1 hour export segments from Smart PSS (+glitch requiring entrance of wrong time!)

I don't want to pay exorbitant pricing for storage, and have both a QNAP and Synology NAS. QNAP with HDMI.

I'd like to use my NAS for iSCSI or NFS, if that's a reasonable means of storage and loses no features of the NVR.

I'm impressed by the ability for Exacq to allow you to create an event that is a linear proof of wrongdoing.

Do my desired Dahuas have to be on Exacq's compatibility list to work?

They're ONVIF, so I presume they'll work - but I'll lose H.265+, for whatever it was worth, anyway.

H.265+ is a gimmick anyway, if I set my system up to only record on motion anyway I presume.

Would I lose the camera's smart features (which seems unlikely as they are setup via the IP of the camera's interface...).

UHD x 8 cameras at 20-30 FPS will require more hard drives than I'm willing to pay.
Additional cameras will be lower resolution.
Dedicated NAS space will be 24GB, minimum, with 14 days being more than ample time.

Is there another NVR besides an Exacq I should look at?
If Exacq, which Exacq model would you recommend for the given frame rate x resolution (IP only, NAS storage)?
What is the difference between the starter and enterprise camera licenses?

Thank you all. I am a novice. I have been reading, and I LOVE this forum. So many knowledgeable people.

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