Exacq Integrated Encoder W/ Local Storage

I have a company with multiple facilities, all with 16 channel analog DVRs. I would like to find an exacq integrated encoder with at least 1TB of local/edge storage per 16 cameras for remote viewing/playback. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hey there - not really an "encoder", but a small Exacq (I'm assuming Professional, since you mention multiple sites) hybrid NVR would fit. From least to most expensive (all prices MSRP):

  • Exacq LC Hybrid W/ Upgrade To Pro, 1TB (Max 16 Analog / 16 IP) - $3,200.00
  • Exacq ELP Hybrid, 2TB (Max 16 Analog / 24 IP) - $4,650.00
  • Exacq A-Series Hybrid, 2TB (Max 16 Analog / 64 IP) - $5,000.00

As you can imagine there are many other options, depending on analog channels / storage / IP camera count.