Exacq Implementation In Multi-Cast

IPVM does most of its test using Exacq and it gives an impression that it is good VMS. However, earlier in the class it was told that Exacq doesnt support multi-cast. So for a large surveillance network where cameras are on multi-cast and many operators are present, is Exacq really a choice to consider?

Hey Ameen,

To answer this in a simple way, if the project requires multicast to be used you must choose devices (including VMS) that supports multicast.

I'm not sure it's fair to qualify a VMS as 'good' or 'bad' simply because it does or does not support multicast.

It comes down to choosing the right equipment for your surveillance network.

But the bigger question is whether you should use multicasting at all. Certainly larger systems with more simultaneous operators are more likely to benefit from it, but there are still network concerns.

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