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Exacq Camera Tree Re-Order And Naming

Hey guys!

I have client who has 8 Bays, and they call them bays 1-8. We added the cameras as we installed them. Due to their environment, we were not able to add them in order from bay 1 bay 2 bay 3 etc... We started in bay 8, then 4, then 7 and so on. Now I have them all done but they are listed out of order on the camera tree. I don't want to have to delete them and then re-add them all again under "add IP cameras".

There are 12 cameras to a bay. We labeled them Bay1-1 to Bay1-12. I tried to use "Camera groups" but bay1-11 and bay1-12 goes under bay1-1. Grrrr

I guess we could label them 1-A to 1-L and so on then use groups but 1-1 to 1-12 sounds easier to me for labeling.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

Leading zeros are the easiest way, like this:*

Bay01-01 thru Bay08-12

*unless cameras or bays are expected to go over 99...


If you click on the word "Live Cameras" it changes the sort order. Clicking rotates between the order you added in, alphanumeric A-Z and aphanumeric Z-A.

You may need to change the names to "Bay 01" vs "Bay 1" if you have numbers > 9.

Hope this helps,


You may need to change the names to "Bay 01" vs "Bay 1" if you have numbers > 9.

Ryan, if the identifier was actually "Bay 1", with an embedded space, it would sort as Lee wished even if the numbers were > 9. (all the way to 99)

But the identifier was shown as "Bay1-1", with left-justified numerics. That is the actual cause of the unexpected sort order.

Embedded spaces can be hard to spot, especially with non-proportional fonts, so I would recommend against them when you are intending a certain sort order. That's why I originally suggested leading zeros for both enumerators with whitespace trimmed, like this:

Bay01-01 thru Bay08-12

I'm not sure?

I tested Bay 1 - Bay 11 (with spaces) in Excel and it sorted Bay 1, Bay 10, Bay 11, Bay 2, Bay 3, ...

And if an embedded space allows 1 and 2 digit bays to sort properly without the leading zero, why would a 3 digit (>99) bay suddenly break the sort?

Regardless, we do agree the answer is that they can be sorted alphanumerically, and the formatting can be easily adjusted (with or perhaps without padding leading zeros) to make it all sort nicely.

Try sorting Bay 1 - Bay11 instead. With no embedded space when > 9. The space takes the place of the leading zero. That's why a three digit breaks the sort, because you would need 2 spaces < 10 and one space < 100 and no space > 99. Which gets very hard to visually discern, so I prefer no embedded spaces at all when enumerating.

Though I agree with you regardless, there are many ways to pad.

P.S. I think this may be a candidate for the dryest discussion on record. :)

I follow you now.

And yes, this is a candidate...

Ryan and Chris

Thanks for the help. I had an "o Duh" moment.

But the "live camera" trick, I don't think I would have found that.