Exacq Camera Integrations

So I've got a few cameras I would like to use in an application. I've checked Exacq's website, but they are not listed as tested and called each manufacturer's tech support, but no luck there either. I know that at times, though it has not been added to their website, it will still integrate (I've had that happen a couple times) Thought I would ask if anyone has had experience with them:

1. Samsung SNB-6011 - I reviewed your test and exacq was noted, but didn't know if you used ONVIF.

2. Vivotek FD816C-HF2

3. Vivotek FE8182

I'll use ONVIF if necessary, but hoping someone has some input. Thanks

Off the top of my head, I do not remember if we tested the SNB-6011 with the direct driver or ONVIF. Samsung is hit or miss whether the direct Exacq driver will work with an unlisted camera. Some do, others don't, and that changes with each new Exacq release. I can try it when I get back into the office if you can wait a few days.

The Vivotek driver, at least in my experience, generally has worked with cameras Exacq doesn't list specifically, but no promises there, either.

Hopefully someone else has some experience with these models.