EX-SDI 4K New Transmission Protocol?

I received an email from UNIX CCTV about a upcoming seminar. They will discuss topics for an hour each, 4K IP training session and proceed to explain EX-SDI 4K. I would like some information to further my comprehension. Are there differences between HD and EX in the realm of 4k?

I actually never heard of EX-SDI until just now. It looks like it was developed by EyeNix, a Korean chip maker. They're claiming full HD at up to 300m on RG59, which is a bit shorter than CVI/TVI/AHD, which generally claim 1500'+. For what it's worth, EyeNix lists their 4K chips as "coming soon", not yet released, so I'm not sure how much the seminar can cover 4K EX-SDI.

Clinton Electronics looks to be pushing it, now, but I don't see any other known names, even small ones, selling product.

Since it's so new and availability is limited, that's about all we can tell you so far!

This definitely may add yet another level of confusion to HD analog, though.

Oh and here's a presentation from EyeNix if you really wanted to see what they're claiming and some questionable image examples vs. HD analog.

I wouldn't put a lot of faith in these samples. We have seen some issues like they show below, but haven't seen practical issues. And we have no idea what resolution they're using, if they bought a $10 no name TVI camera, what tweaking has been done, etc.

I found that site hence my questions, precisely why I renew my dues every year I want the "facts". I recently ran into a Speco Rep at ADI I've known 20yrs he asked why I don't buy his cameras. When I brought up topics about his products he seemed perplexed to my questions. I said I'm of member IPVM he immediately mentioned John H. in a negative connotation. I immediately lost respect for him. So whomever said knowledge is power was right, I'm not that smart just up to date.

"he immediately mentioned John H. in a negative connotation."

That's what pretty normal :)

Speco is so full of shit.

This technology, if it works as advertised, is definitely a unique one.

It borrows a little from everything out there:

Like SDI, it's digital

like HD Analog it supports long coax runs

like IP it compresses (JPEG).

Compressed SDI is what I would call it. Todd must be indignant.

Vitek CCTV is selling an EX-SDI (OnCue) and an HD-TVI (Transcendence) offering (two independent platforms) as two HD-over-coax options. Disclaimer: I am a rep for Vitek.

I struggle to understand why so many people want to go back to hardwired cameras.

Scot, what do you mean by 'hardwire cameras'? You mean not IP?

Yep. Why would you want to go back to a single pathway?

Lower cost, lower cost, lower cost and simpler setup.

And it's only a 'single pathway' until you hit the encoder or recorder and then it is just as IP as an IP camera.

Obviously, we still primarily cover IP cameras but it is pretty easy for me to see the appeal of non-IP cameras and why they are growing so fast.

If/when there are TVI encoders this will finally take of in the enterprise market. That is what has me intrested as we could deploy thousands of channels.

Dahua has CVI encoders. Of course Hik has its act together, so...

Correct Dahua has one but please let me know if a US based distruitor that stocks and sells them. The one that I spoke with said they are not allowed to import them into the US.

So at this point I have ZERO intrest in selling Dahua as they can't seam to figure out how to go to market in the US.