Ever Look Back At Old Proposals?

Recently got a call back for a proposal we did almost 2 years ago. At the time, they wanted a hybrid analog HD DVR, but Dahua hadn't begun shipping them just yet. They supposedly went with another vendor due to us not being able to deliver on our design in the time span they were working with.

So I heard from a colleague (phone vendor) today that they are shopping again. It's unclear if they ever upgraded at that time or not. But, he referred me again to the new IT guy.

Looking back at the three proposals we gave in 2014, I can see that we have learned much more about how to design systems and just how far our industry has come in two years. It's really a quantum leap since then.

Do you ever look back at old proposals or designs and wonder how much progress you have made?

On the video side, it really has changed rapidly! HD analog and the rise of the Chinese giants have had a big impact for sure. You get smarter and learn how to build things/systems better as you go too. That's always satisfying to see.

On the access side, the pace of change is more muted. Sure, wifi/wireless locks have expanded so that more doors can be included and pricing pressure is always there, but amazingly many access quotes from 2014 would just need minor pricing updates and could still be valid today!

Things have really changed a lot and are still changing.

Sometimes I will get a call from an old quote and they want to know if the quote is still good.

I then find myself doing a lot of explaining on how much things have changed and all the new options they have now.

It usually ends up good, because people get excited about better picture quality and sometimes for less money than an old analog quote.

...get a call from an old quote and they want to know if the quote is still good.

Old quotes age well. The older the better.