Ethan Is Going To China For 2 Weeks And To CPSE

We're excited about this and the ability to bring you coverage and news direct from China.

Ethan will be going to China for the last week of October and the first week of November. He will be attending the CPSE show in Shenzhen and then probably spending the following week in Northern China. The CPSE show is a huge domestic show, with over 100,000 visitors.

This is related to the What Do You Want To Know About The Chinese Video Surveillance Market?, Ethan will be taking those questions as he tours China.

So, this discussion is for you to throw out ideas or suggestions. Do you want him to take a photo with Coco at Longse? Go to certain factories? I've heard about different markets in China that specialize in selling just camera parts. I'd like him to go to places, learn about what they do, what things cost, who they sell to, what concerns they have, what they think about big companies like Hikvision and Dahua, what they think about international buyers, etc.

Ok, throw out your suggestions and thoughts.

Please buy him a selfie stick.

I'll be there mid-october (in Beijing- too far from Shenzhen and I'd be in serious trouble) for about a week then off to Bangkok.

Are there any special requirements/registrations, etc for being a western journalist criss-crossing the mainland asking the locals questions about how they do what they do?

I'm just curious. If he does use a selfie-stick (as Brian suggests) and periscope, we can log in and see if we can spot any tails he might acquire because of the above. Or because of his beard.

Ask what they think is key to penetrating Western markets, or are they relaly they interested as they see it. And a selfie with Coco.

Why northern China? I thought most of the factories were more in the south.

The electronics markets are more "everything" markets than just camera parts.

It would be neat to see pics of the Longse "factory" (I'm guessing it's just an office), and so forth. Maybe setup meetings with Longse and some of the other notorious spammers and see if you can visit their factories.

IMO, he'll likely have a hard time getting around with a good interpreter/guide if you want to really try and dig into anything.

I am not sure where you would classify Hangzhou, but that's what I was implying about northern. It's certainly far north of Shenzhen.

Hanghzhou has HQ of Hikvision, Dahua and Uniview, e.g.

As for Longse, they list their HQ in Guangzhou, which is not far from Shenzhen but Ethan may run into them at CPSE anyway.

Also, any CPSE veterans (presumably manufacturers) feel free to provide advice!

I am not sure where you would classify Hangzhou

Not that I'm an expert on China geography, but the north/south breaking point is considered to be roughly around Shanghai, with Shanghai being considered Southern. Hangzhou is south of that.

Definitely factories would be interesting.

I believe if it you hit a certain mfr. first you will receive on your exit a complimentary pair of 'factory tour glasses' and off-path maps which will come in handy as you visit the other facilities.

The glasses are yours, but you must remember to drop the SD card in the post before leaving the country to be eligible to win the scavenger grand prize.

Shenzhen Dagro Electronics - Dagro wants To Be Your Saving Butler In China

MvTeam - Best voice over guy

HDX IP Camera Factory - Best Video Production Value - Funkiest Backbeat - Most Modern Website Design (

Tungson and Wanscam - Seems as if no talking is allowed in either factory

How about an order of g?ng b?o j? d?ng? The stuff at Panda Express is OK but if like the real thing.

Do you want to see the unboxing or just the devouring?

I wonder if he would have to declare the pieces that will come back in his beard?

See if he is "monitored" or questioned if he takes pictures in "sensitive" areas. Also have him scan badges and send spam email after he returns to the US.

How competitive is it in their own market? Aside from the big names of Hikvision and Dahua, how hard is it for another company to get established, even locally [in China]?

See if you can track down the guy responsible for the Chinese bubble burst. Ask him politely not to do it again.

I am interested to know what companies like Hikvision and Dahua have in China that we don't have in the USA.

I would like to know if CPSE will have a section of the floor for US companies, in non-decsript, white booths.

Trade mag editors going to China:

This is not related to IPVM's trip and we're most certainly the only ones to pay our own way.

Ralph has really come a long way from his humble start, when he was happy to say a kind word for just a pair of sneakers and a smile.

In honor of his accomplishments, I propose that IPVM should create a companion list to the annual "Top 50 Most Influential People".

Call it the "Top 50 Most Influenced Journalists"

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