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Entry Level Access Control System

i have clients who are looking for an access control solution. they have had a proposal from other integrators for an SEL lock system (part of ingersollrand) but are not sure. any recommendations anyone? i haven't used Ingersollrand access control solutions personally but i get mixed messages both from other integrators and clients alike. some like them and some absolutely hate their solutions.

DSX, SoftwareHouse or Keyscan is what my Access control guys like and use.

Brightblue is a solid 'basic' system. It is formerly an Ingersoll Rand product (until being spun off.) The interface and backend is simple, and someone who doesn't often look at the management functions regularly can work it successfully.

Reporting is modest, but useful. It is limited to a fixed number of readers (<33) and cardholders (<5000), but can use either LAN or hardwired networks.

OpenOptions might be worth a look, too. More costly than many 'entry' systems, but solid hardware offerings and a simple UI make it good for basic uses. It is scalable to large deployments.

I may have forgotten to mention that the clients are looking for an offline lock systems for individual doors. someone has recommended a Pegasys system. any others recommendations?

Try assa Abbaloy they have good standalone lock systems. For a side note the LenelGo Entry is a cool system for standalone panel. There is a sick iPad app and its work with Mac as well (Safari browser compatible). Simple to set up and my customers enjoy the interface.
Paxton is gaining traction for us. It's easy to set up and cost effective.

By "offline lock systems", do you mean truly offline and standalone, or wireless locksets?

yes. they want the system to be trully offline and standalone that can be used for individual offices. wireless locksets too