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Who Is Ensura VMS?

Anyone know this Ensura VMS? is it OEM?


I have never heard of this company. Also, the website / domain name is only 1 years old.

Ensura's VMS appears to be an OEM of a US company named Airship. Ensura's VMS is named Airship and the UI pictures are the same.

Ensura appears to be an integrator, not a manufacturer, though their website tries to obscure that somewhat.

Btw, also not related to Pelco Endura.

Thanks John, looks like they have two products:

- Ensura VMS

- Airship VMS

I'm interested in the first one.

Well, they may have 3 VMSes. They also list NUUO.

As for Ensura, they have another website for that (also a little over 1 years old), claiming the VMS is HQ'd out of Isreal. I am not sure who they are OEMing that from.

Also show some interesting dash cams. Built in G-force detection; GPS, driver warnings and front and rear cams. Looks like they put a lot of thought into the designs

It's not their dashcams. They are reselling a company called Vicovation.

Israeli Company

new name now CYMBIOT 


It's looks like they are OEM. You have references?