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Engineering Elegance, Or Lazy Install?

I saw this camera outside of a mid-mountain lodge at a Vermont ski resort this weekend. It appears to be an indoor camera, installed under a solar panel for backup power. Clearly the panel also gives it some level of protection from the elements.

My question: Is this a sign of engineering elegance (solar backup doubling as snow/rain protection), a lazy install, or both?

Ski lodge camera under solar panel

Those are ip66, so at the very least they will keep out most of the moisture. I wouldn't have put that exact camera up but it seems to be a ok solution.

I am going to go with lazy. Those poor cables aren't long for this world...

Laziness is the drunken uncle of invention.

Value engineered? Most likely lazy.

If the buyer is tracking the cheapest, for some cases they push you create such short life solutions, instead of the perfect fit solution.

What is protecting the camera's jack where it connects to the blue cable? Kinda looks like tape.

It certainly does, doesn't it?

Equally disturbing is the lack of dip in the drip.

The last cable segment looks like the final turn at Magic Mountain!

Clearly installed by a southerner working there for the ski season. Of course, to a Vermonter, Connecticut is in the deep south.