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What 3rd Party Encoders Can I Use With Bosch BVMS?

We have a customer who has been expanding his surveillnace system based on Bosch's BVMS product. They recently updated to the latest version 4.xx (not sure which one it is exactly). This customer keeps asking for standard resolution (about 500TVL) cameras and Bosch encoders which tend to work relatively acceptably (should they be compatible with the running software version) but feels like money down the drain regarding the overall outcome and the outdated technology.

I am aware of the possibility to connect IP and HD cameras directly to the system itself (which would also be cheaper for them) but again they are very sceptic about that. I would agree with them regarding storage requirements. On the other hand they are open to discuss different encoders (mainly i guess because of the increased Bosch cost).

I was wondering whether someone had relative experience in the past and moreover if anyone knows of any Bosch BVMS v4.xx compatible encoders out there.

This is the first time i post without disclosing my name because of the specific customer.

Thank you all in advance

BVMS is a lovely program. But it has one nasty suprise. Even though Bosch is one of the leading companies in regards to ONVIF, their software (BVMS) only allows Bosch products.

Also, whenever you buy a new Bosch product but isn't (fully) supported within it's software, you need to buy an upgrade.

Looks like John already responded to this -- but to reiterate, "Yes", BVMS v4.x adds 3rd party support via ONVIF "Profile S". Long overdue :-)

Here's feedback directly from Bosch:

BVMSv4 is ONVIF Profile S compliant so look for ONVIF Profile S encoders to integrate. You'll still want to test / verify for yourself. Also, Axis has some inexpensive encoders but they are not listed on the Profile S report.

"If they have full BVMS 4.0 it will include Video Streaming Gateway (the ONVIF “plug-in”) and Video Recording Manager (the recording component). The services just need to be ‘enabled’ etc. A Bosch tech support or Field Sales Engineer could help him determine what he has and if there’s anything else that would be needed."

You should be able to do so but confirm / request help from Bosch directly on the specifics.

If cost is the issue, the new Bosch VIP X16 XF E Eco encoder might make sense. Low cost 16 channel dual stream encoder.

Mark, do you have a rough price on that? Also, any lower cost 4 channel options?

I can give you MSRP (for what's it's worth) $1,780.00.

No 4 channel version.

16 channels for $1780 MSRP? That's pretty inexpensive considering the significant discount off of list for Bosch products. Compare to Axis's lowest cost 16 channel encoder which has an MSRP of $1999 (and a significant lower discount structure).

It should be very competitive.

I'll vouch for the VIP X1600 XF. Nice clean video, though its 4CIF resolution is a tad lower than others' D1. One thing to note: The X1600 XF runs at high bitrates compared to Axis' products. The Bosch tends to run at whatever the maximum bitrate is set at, with or without motion. Despite having variable bitrate, it acts more like CBR.

We've been comparing the Bosch with an Axis Q7406/Q7900 and it will be a very difficult purchase decision. Bosch's video is very clean - very low compression noise and artifacting, making it quite acceptable for our Monitor Wall. The Axis, on the other hand, has a slight resolution edge but a bit more noise. Axis also runs well at lower average bitrates. While the Bosch stays at (or even above) the 3Mbps limit we set in, the Axis' bitrate, even in CBR, tends to stay low until there is motion. The Axis encoder also has a couple of oddities - CBR is not "Constant"; rather it is "Constrained" and the set bitrate is a maximum, not a fixed value.

Axis' video, though a bit noisier than Bosch's, cleans up at higher bitrates. Recent testing with a 5Mbps cap for viewing (and 3Mbps for recording) gave better "live" video - almost on par with the Bosch's. If the VMS can be set for dual streaming, that might alleviate some issues in our venue, where much of the monitoring is done "live".

The VIP X1600 XF is a solid platfrom, but comes at a premium price. We released the VIP X16 XF E to target the highly competitive encoder market. It lacks the modular aspect (4 x 4ch modules, power supply, chassis) of the X1600 along with multiple ethernet ports, but it gains a newer chipset and moves from H.264 Main profile to High profile. Combined with de-interlacing at video input and progressive encoding, it's worth considering in place of the premium model. Be aware though that Stream 2 is limited to 4CIF/7.5 FPS (which is mostly acceptable for applications it's targeted for). Carl, not sure if BOTH streams have to be 4CIF/30FPS in your applications (gaming).


30fps all of the way. Speaking of second streams, when we tried enabling the X1600 XF's second stream through the Geutebruck VMS we're testing, all four channels displayed Channel 1's video. Geutebruck is supposedly in contact with Bosch about it.

Jeez, about time they finally got ONVIF working on their VMS then!

My appologies on the invalid information

Thanks for the head's up on the VIP-X16XF-E. That's the cheapest encoder per 16 cameras on the market for us by far.