Email Notifications On Hikvision NVR

Anyone using an Office365 email to send notifications? I can't get the email settings to work. What email services might be better suited?

I had good luck with GMX mail.

Assuming the smtp port 25 isn't outbound blocked, then the best option to send email is to use your own inbound smtp mail receiver. Use to discover your inbound mx record. These should almost always accept you mail to your own domain.

Example check out, use any to send to your gmail account. 60 min Blacklist Check SMTP Test 5 2607:f8b0:4003:c0b::1a 60 min Blacklist Check 10 60 min Blacklist Check SMTP Test 10 2607:f8b0:4002:c03::1a 60 min Blacklist Check 20 60 min Blacklist Check SMTP Test 20 2607:f8b0:400d:c06::1a 60 min Blacklist Check 30 60 min Blacklist Check SMTP Test 30 2607:f8b0:400c:c11::1b 60 min Blacklist Check 40 60 min Blacklist Check SMTP Test 40 2800:3f0:4003:c00::1b 60 min Blacklist Check

GMX Mail worked. Thanks U1. And thanks Andrew for your detailed response. Even though GMX Mail worked, I like that you provided me with some studying material. I will dig in to it because I like to learn and understand the process.

There are occasions where the inbound SMTP mail receiver might reject the incoming email as spam. IF this should happen, then you want the email sender address to reflect the REVERSE DNS name of the internet connection you are on. To discover this, visit to find your public IP address. Then using mxtoolbox and do a reverse DNS lookup of your public IP address.

Example: a comcast static IP address of will have a rDNS of

So have the NVR send email using a name like

Of course you first need to determine if the ISP providing services isn't block port 25 SMTP mail. The broadband carriers with dynamic ip's do this often... but rarely on static IPS....


will respond with

220 ESMTP j14si13351267igh.79 - gsmtp

You should be good to go, an this should work fine for any domain, so long as you are sending to the domain. (This will not relay mail to other domains) and does not require a user name of any sort.... Good Luck..... Andy