Elevator Point To Point

Hi there,

I have a job that I'm currently quoting on that calls for a camera in a freight elevator that is 100 years old... The building has 24 floors. I spoke to the Elevator service company and they say that there isn't any travel cable other than the original cloth control cable(s). In other words... no extra coax or utp pair. I have to come up with another solution.

I was thinking... would the following work?

Using a pair of Ubiquity PTP antennas, one mounted below the car and the other in the pit.

What are your thoughts on that?

Thanks for taking the time to read my question.

I have to come up with another solution.

A member has used Powerline adapters in elevators (not wireless, piggybacks on AC power) successfully.

I think the key is how clean and isolated the power is to the elevator, as well as how long the power line runs to where you will put the other adapter. The adapters are relatively cheap; you can get a couple and plug them in (without a camera) to see what bitrate they will negotiate, before bothering with the camera.

If it's 3 phase make sure to put both adapters on the same 2 phase leg, otherwise you need a bridge.

I'll let the Ubiquiti gurus speak to your proposed wireless solution.

The Ubiquity should be fine. They were used often at my last company. Just turn the power down and use narrow beam antennas to reduce the RF 'splatter' around the elevator shaft. You'll also have to tap power in the elevator somewhere, but the UBNT will run on 12v -18v DC in a pinch


Thanks for your reply.

Are you saying that you used them in the past for the same application?

I'm just worried that the PTP's moving close and far might have an affect on the signal.

Yes, they were used for that application.

Those radios will go for miles, so your distance really isn't an issue. As I mentioned, too much power is the issue since the RF will reflect off the walls with all the metal and concrete. Turning the power down and making sure that the radios have a narrow beam spread and are aimed properly should take care of that