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"[...] Elaborate On The Deficiency You Found With [Milestone Xprotect's] Bosch Device Support?"

I did not want to hijack this thread: Genetec Customer Service Experiences?

This is a reply to Henricks of Milestone Systems.

Smart Client

Preset Positions

VG5-7230-EPx5 or any Bosch PTZ I have used: If you select the preset or navigation button Home, the camera does not move (to its default position) --too fundamental. Anyone should not have to create an overlay button if a home button is visibly available. 

For example, Aimetis Symphony driver support is awful (laughably bad) for the Bosch's VG5 Autodome series or arguably any Bosch PTZ that relies on relative positioning; however, Symphony's "Return to home" works!  (Damn, I miss Symphony 6.X flexible UI.)   Back on topic, XProtect, Milestone, The default home "preposition" works with many VMSes listed here:

Directory Of 94 Video Management Software (VMS) Suppliers


Here is an issue that applies to Management Client, too: selection of multiple presets for deletion sans a keyboard macro. Over 200 presets from a device that I may have to independently select and delete or amendment of an underlying unidentified file to remove the presets.

Missing On Screen Display (OSD) Messages

Modifying camera settings (through Bosch Configuration Manager or a Bosch camera's webpage) such as shutter speed, High Dynamic Range, preset position, Intelligent Tracking, etcetera... results in a nonexistent OSD status in Smart Client. Bosch's native OSD information can alleviate confusion of events during live, playback, and exported footage.

Bosch Configuration Manager Live Video displaying OSD info.


XProtect Smart Client not displaying Bosch OSD info.



Video Analytics

Milestone Systems names Bosch its 2016 Camera Partner of the Year

"Milestone now offers the widest integration range with Bosch products in the security market."

Bosch makes video analytics at the edge a new built-in standard in all their IP cameras

The PR headlines alone scratches at the expectation of XProtect integration with Bosch's VCA Forensic Search to " [...] effortlessly search through large amounts of video data and to pinpoint the information that matters most to them". 

Integrated Video Surveillance Solution Bosch Security Systems and Milestone Systems

"This uniquely deep Milestone integration supports all Bosch IP cameras with their existing leading edge features and capabilities." 

This is true if you believe Forensic Search is not a leading edge feature  -- let alone VRM playback.  This document contains an almost five years old copyright notice.

Milestone's "2016 Camera Partner of the Year" is missing "a new built-in standard in all [Bosch] IP cameras" that is available in a competing product -- Genetec Security Center.

"Bosch and Milestone work together to ensure seamless integration," so an officially developed MIPS plugin by Bosch and Milestone that takes advantage of Bosch's analytic featureset is significant; Intelligent Tracking, Forensic Search, visual cues beyond pink bounding boxes and alarms, that is to say the press release humdrum for fanatical attention is not excusable to yawns, when this feature has practical support by your adversary.  It's a tear jerker.

Dependence on Intel Quick Sync Video

XProtect Smart Client running on a computer with dedicated graphics is largely penalizing, especially on contemporary professional workstations (e.g. Intel C422 and AMD EPYC) and high-end desktop (HEDT) platforms (e.g. AMD X399 and Intel X299). Professional and consumer HEDT chipsets lack integrated graphics solutions that are compatible with XProtect Smart Client; 16 cores with 32 threads, but the CPU is a bottleneck and the discreet GPU has its lid on.

GPU acceleration via DXVA native and DXVA copy-back is desirable. Proprietary technologies can come at the cost of poor performance and vendor lock-in.

Concerning CPU utilization, I doubt that I will do it, but I imagine adding the following Process Explorer Performance Graph screenshots to this post's section:

    1. [XProtect Smart Client 2017 R3]
    2. [Four VLC instances]
    3. [Aimetis Symphony]
    4. [Bosch Operator Client]
    5. [Avigilon]
    6. [exacqVision]

This is all really good feedback U1! It's great to hear where we excel but it's more productive to hear where we can do better. I'm guessing you've already fed some of this back to us in one way or another, but I'll gladly share this with the people who need to see it.

You've clearly spent some time on this, thank you so much for going through all the effort to write this out.