Police Fight Tailgating With Signs

Tailgating is a classic enemy of access control, but one Police department is taking things a step further by declaring the act of holding open even non-access controlled doors dangerous.

Check these decals they are handing out to local businesses:

What do you think? Will these signs be effective at lowering the risk tailgating 'strangers' present?

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Every time I see an article here about tailgating, I still think it is about a football game warmup in the parking lot.

Burning ADI catalogs to stay warm on those cold nights...

I guess would-be intruders could just jam that big-boy catalog in the doorway to gain access.

In our Access controled environment this should not be for strangers only but for anyone.

All people entering an access controled environment need to use the access controled device.

This is for the safety and Security of all parties.

The wording could be crafted to cover both scenarios without being overly complicated by some wordsmith junkie:-)

Maybe even a warning that "Yours and the lives of others could depend on it!"

Work place violence is an overused cliché; but we have all seen things in the news that have been shoved into this category that should cause anyone to stop and think about the ramifications of letting someone past an otherwise secure checkpoint.

I watched someone allow tailgating at a secure facility just yesterday. We are taught as children, or at least I was, to hold a door open for someone. Breaking that training, especially when it is someone you know is difficult. I don't think a cute sign is going to do it.

Like all consultants would say.... it depends. I think in some high security locations or after the occurance of a crime yes they may help. They also may help, when when coupled with with good training, policy and policy enforcement (I have seen it work). That being said, this is a pretty good sign... much better than the ones I specifiy.

I was at a large university a few years back and noted the record tail gating number of people enter though a card-controlled door on a single card read (65 people before the door closed and locked back!). I was so concerned about it I created a part of a video for colleges and universities on the subject. Its a very big deal..

Jim this is quite interesting, could you share this report you created. Kevinb@cctexas.com

Kevin. I would definately see why you would be interested in this. Its part of a movie that i produced in the late 80s for Campus Crime Prevention Programs. The name of the video was "Its Your Room; but Its not Like Home. (would not show it to any students today) and it may still be available from the American Crime Prevention Institute.

Also while working with ACPI I taught a class on preventing door propping and tailgating to college and university police officers (can you believe it? a whole class on the subject).

Interestingly, i just saw a show last week on Nat Geo that talked about ways you can get people to hold the door for the guy behind (rather than being rude and slamming the door in the guy's face). Show was called "Crowd Control".

I think they went the wrong direction with this sign. It looks like this was put out by the Edmonton Police. Have you ever been to Edmonton in the winter? Last time I was there it was -14F without the windchill!

"Shut the D*#& Door, It's Cold Out There!"