Eagle Eye Experiences

Curious to hear others experiences to date with Eagle Eye Networks. My experiences so far have been very positive and I like the fact that their technology makes hacking virtually impossible. The system is also camera agnostic (in most cases). I'm also beginning to see more acceptance of video cloud storage. Looking forward to hearing what others think or have experienced.

#1, thanks for asking. Btw, for background for others: Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Tested

It's been good. Simple setup and simple UI for end users. For us the target is for customers that will have just a few cameras. Any more and the pricing starts to add up.

Thanks Ty! So what I have done for customers with multi-site locations is to mix & match the basic Eagle Eye Bridge appliance with their CMVR (cloud-managed video recorder).

Dependent upon the number of cameras at each site plus the end-user's need for critical cloud storage for specific cameras really provides a great deal of flexibility. You can essentially mix and match the appliances for premise versus cloud-based storage right down to the camera.