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DW Spectrum Remote Camera Issue

I have 6 cameras installed in a airplane hanger and am using DW Spectrum to record them. I want to make sure I'm setting this up the best way. We have the server at the office, and I added the cameras to the enterprise server individially in DW Spectrum from the office. Using their public IPs and port numbers the cameras popped right up and are recording. Is that a adequate method for this software, or should I have a seperate server on location at the airport? I ask this becasue I am having a problem with the feeds dropping every couple of days. When I notice they are down on my mobile app, I then open up one of the clients. As soon as the saved hanger layout is open on the client they come back on after about 30 seconds. However, for that time they were disconected there is no archive. I really like the software and it is easy to use, but I need to figure this out before setting it up for customers.

It is because you are recording the cameras offsite. It is best you leave a media server in the hanger to record locally and review it through your internet connection so if you lose connection it would still record.

Adam, I think Vincent is absolutely right.
Architecturally if you want to record without any data loss you need to have server next to the cameras.
Remote cameras should be more like exceptional thing.

Adam, you can use the offsite as a backup with a smaller fps in case something happens with the onsite recorder, but for sure you need something onsite that has a better resolution and fps recording locally...