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DW Spectrum/Network Optix iPhone App Issues With 4K Cameras

Hi guys,

I'm having issues with The DW Spectrum app for iPhone when trying to view 4K cameras. The thumbnail shows up but when I go to full screen it shows loading for a while. Sometimes the camera starts showing and sometimes it just keeps loading. I tried this remotely as well as on the local network with the same results. Some cameras are set with h.264+ on and some are set off with the same results. 

Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on resolving this?

I tried changing the bitrate of the cameras to a lower setting but still getting the same results.

How many 4K cameras is your server recording ? 

How many other cameras  is your server recording ? What is the resolution of these other cameras ? 

What is the processor and memory of your server ? 

1) What is your iPhone model?
2) what is the version of the app do you use( is it latest?)?

3) what is the exact camera resolution?

4) finally, wich quality did you select in the app?

Sergey, Thanks for your help.


1) iPhoneX

2) App version is the latest in the app store (17.3.2)

3) The camera resolution is set to 4096/2160 

4) I select 1080p as that's the highest option in the app

I know one thing.. Software does have issue about iphoneX and 4k. Nothing special just bug. I know it was addressed already and I beleieve the fix is alredy under apple review in the store. I'll get more info, and get back to you here.

But anyway, I can assure you, it matter of days(max) till it's resoled. 

Thank you for your quick response. I look forward to the fix. 


All the best. 

Should be fixed by now. Please update the app, and let us know if you still have issues.

Sorry, I misinformed you. The push which was made only support resolutions up to 3840 × 2160. Working on another one to support true 4k. Matter of days again. 

Thanks Sergey,

I did update the app, Well actually both apps (DW Spectrum as well as DW Mobile) DW Spectrum is the one I use as it's much more mobile friendly (layouts, playback etc.) I'm still only seeing up to 1080p on that one.

Any chance that one will be updated as well?

DW Spectrum will be updated one more time shortly to enable 4k as I wrote above. 

Thanks Sergey, 

I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't seeing any increase from 1080p to  3840 × 2160 as cited above. 

Thanks for the update and looking forward!

Unfortunately, in this case, it's binary logic, meaning you can only get 4096/2160 or less or equal to 1080. 

Here is why:

There are 2 options to deliver video to a mobile device: with transcoding and without.

Just in case we never encode video to something bigger than 2MP(1080). This is done to avoid potential server overload( especially in case of multiple mobile app connected at the same time). 

Without transcoding, we can deliver stream "as is" as it coming from the cameras - meaning 4096/2160.

So once it fixed, you would have options up to 1080 or native 4096/2160.

Btw, what happens if you try selecting "Best Quality"?