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DW Spectrum Is About To Cost Me $100k...

So I have been enamored with DW Spectrum lately, selling it all of my high end projects.  I find it's ease of use to be incredible, and as such have moved away from exacq for anything where it isn't spec.  Overall I've been very happy with this decision, and aside from a few more client crashes than I would like we've been thrilled.  2 issues have reared up on a recent (very large) project however, and those issues are massive dealbreakers.  First is the lack of video loss detection.  I can circumvent this by doing it from the camera, but it seems like that shouldn't be necessary and it's alot of extra work.  The much larger issue is the inability to send an email with stills when Input signal from camera is received.  We have several cameras on the site connected to the alarm panel, and when the alarm trips it sends an email notice with no pictures.  DW claims that only motion will send pics, and this isn't possible.  Considering a $100 Hik NVR is capable of doing this I am having a really hard time reconciling this issue.  I know it's my fault at the end of the day, but after ensuring my cameras were supported for I/O AND making sure that would trigger an alert email I thought I covered my bases.  Going back and replacing all the cameras with I/O models isn't an option, nor would I want to send individual signals from each camera (every camera must send for every event, as opposed to specific ones for video loss.  Does anyone have any ideas?  


I would love to discuss your application.

Please give me a call on my cell ( anytime) 813-545-9549. If you would like to send me a an email with your best availability I can be reached at


Patrick Kelly


Thanks for responding. I would like a recap / response on the technical issues, i.e., can they be accomplished directly or through some other approach with DW Spectrum, etc.


To recap.

I have spoken with U1I.

DW Spectrum sends email notifications on video loss, U1I has confirmed that this is working. His actual question was regarding tamper detection (“which any Costco system can do”). As U1I states he can do tamper detection from the camera. If the camera (LTS) can send DW Spectrum an event notification via HTTP, using the generic event function in DW Spectrum it can send email notification on the camera tamper event.

As Sergey has stated, there is a work around to send an image from each camera using the current version of DW Spectrum. Our next release v2.6, which is current in beta, will allow an image to be included in the email notification event for each event type. I offered to have one of our technical support representative give U1I a call to assist with the implementation of the work around or to provide a patch. U1I indicated that they are already working on the work around so we will see where that goes.

Ah naming. I usually equate video loss with camera obstruction and network loss with camera disconnects, sorry about that. Patrick, we do need some help as my tech can't quite figure out how to implement the solution Sergey gave us, and if there is an easier way we'd love to do it.

Ok, so just spoke to Patrick again and they are really going above and beyond to help out. I can't say enough about their responsiveness, and I will update again one we implement the proposed solution.

We have several cameras on the site connected to the alarm panel, and when the alarm trips it sends an email notice with no pictures. DW claims that only motion will send pics, and this isn't possible.

Maybe setup the alarm to trigger some lighting which can trigger the motion event? Just as a temporary measure of course.

That's not a bad idea, I know Spectrum's motion detection picks up day/night transitions. Problem is, I still don't think that would allow me to send stills of all the cameras.

Hello U1,

I'm a product manager for the software.
Sorry for late response(on business trip now).

1) We traditionally use TFTP(not RTP) with Arecont cameras by default. TFTP has no packets numbers and for that reason by default we cannot detect any packets loss. However server can easily be switched to use RTP with Arecont. As soon as it's done - it will detect packet loss with Arecont. Here is the little article about ho to switch server to RTP with Arecont.

I have to warn you that we use TFTP by default for a reason. We pull 2 streams form the cameras and found a bug: if you pull 2 RTP streams form AV camera the image may get blurry. Bug was reported to AV a while ago. Likely it's fixed(we are not sure) and if you have new enough camera - you are ok. If not - just disable dual streaming on camera settings in the software.

2) There multiple people who addressed this issue with us and it's already fixed in upcoming release. However there is a work around which we hope can save your project.

What you want.

event I/O on camera => e-mail with pics.
Currently we send e-mail with no pics in this case(again fixed in upcoming version).

Here is what you'll need to do instead.

event I/O on camera =>http request(server should send request to itself to generate generic event).

generic event => e-mail with pics.

So now instead of one rule you have to create two and it should solve it.

Please fill free to contact our support for details or send me a message unless Patrick already helped you.

Please let us know if it was helpful.

So sorry disregard my first point. I misread your first issue. Though it's arecont specific, while you did not even mention arecont. Honestly not sure what do you mean. If this is no AV specific - I believe we can detect any loss.

In fact, there is something even simpler we can suggest please, talk to Patrick, he is aware.


Thanks for the prompt reply. I have my techs attempting your suggested fix now, left Patrick a message this morning so we'll see where that goes.

Just want to clarify one more thing, we want to send stills from ALL cameras when the alarm on trips.

Please talk to Patrick again. There is a much simpler option (just a patch).