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DW Spectrum / HD Witness 2.0 Questions...

Wanted to know if anyone else has tried to record an RTSP feed with DW Spectrum / HD Witness? I am trying to grab a feed from a Dahua Hybrid DVR and in the live view it shows all 7FPS that the channel is configured to, but when I go to record, it only allows 1FPS to be recorded.

Also, the RTSP feeds are not viewable in the iPhone app. I can see all IP cams that are connected via ONVIF, but not any of the RTSP fed cams.

Another small annoyance, in DWS we have renamed both the servers and the cameras to friendly names to easily identify them at a glance. However, in the iPhone app, the server name changes are reflected, but the camera names revert back to their original names and the friendly names are not shown. This is a problem when you have more than one of the same cams. Hard to tell which is which.

Reason for all of this is to integrate exisiting analog system with new IP/DWS server without any new analog hardware.

We resolved the app issues with a restart of both the apps and the media server. We now see all of the names correctly as well as the rtsp feeds.

Still working on the frame rate issue.

I forwarded this to Network Optix as camera integration issues (like the 1fps recording from Dahua) are often technical issues that the manufacturer themselves can best diagnose.


Have you tried doing a playback to see what frame rate you were actually recording at? It probably shows the 1FPS in the recording box is because RTSP streams coming in can not be defined at a different frame rate.

Hi John,

Thanks for the query about our software. RTSP is not be the best way to integrate a legacy DVR to our system. We have an SDK specifically for that purpose. You can request it here: Network Optix Platform SDK. It is platform level so it supports HD Witness and DW Spectrum (as well as any other variations of our enterprise platform architecture)

The SDK supports the full integration of live stream (including our dual stream system) into our Media Server and Enterprise Control System. It also supports archive data (including metadata) into the same. Send the request to our support portal and our engineering team will see it as well and be ready to support you if necessary. Regards, Nathan

So he needs to implement an SDK to integrate a ~$500 DVR?

If all that is required is the live stream viewing then the answer is no. It can be integrated just like a single stream encoder via RTSP discovery. However we require an analog license (half the price of a pro licenses) even just for live viewing of integrated DVR streams since we treat the encoder on a DVR just like any encoder integrated into our system.

However for a full integration of the DVR including archive and metadata related to motion and to allow display of all of that into our full system, that requires the SDK.

Nathan, thanks for your input. I was able to verify that I can set the recording to always record at 1FPS and it indeed did record at 7FPS, which is the DVR setting for that channel.

However, previously I had it set for motion plus low res always and it didnt ever record anything with the entire scene set to software motion level 6. While the scene is the busiest of scenes, there should be roughly 100 motion events today alone. Is this due to a single RTSP feed vs dual stream?

Also, I know you mentioned above that you need an analog license to view RTSP feeds, but I wanted to get some clarity on that. It appears I can view as many feeds as I like, but rather I need a license in order to record those feeds. Same goes for IP cams. I have only four licenses, but I have the ability to view many more.

I thought the motion issue with settings on "motion+low res" only works with dual stream recording because HD witness takes the motion senseing from the substream.

Does HD Witness have plans to make the mobile app more fully featured? Also, does HD Witness allow directional motion events. I know the traffic light camera sensors track motion coming towards the light whether it be a car or a person walking in the street towards the light. The camera ignores those crossing perpendicular to the traffic light. I was thinking this could be a useful feature. Maybe it wouldn't be.