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DW Spectrum / Hikvision H.264+ Issues

Anyone else having issues with DW Spectrum when using cameras with h.264+ ?


When I set Hikvision cameras to h.264+ DW Spectrum will show the regular high res stream but only record the low res stream. The high res stream will mostly jump freeze and smear. This forces me to resort back to h.264. 

Anyone else having this issue?


Cameras tested were the following:





Any help on this would be appreciated.


Thank you for reading.

I haven't seen those issues myself but maybe someone else here has. I'll send this over to DW/Network Optix for comment as well.


I work for NetworkOptix. 
Let's try to resolve this.
Can you please send me a private message?

 Sure, will do.

Thank you.

I can verify that we have many Hik's in service and do not have this issue. 

One thing I will point out is that we do not allow Spectrum to optimize the camera streams. We manually set all stream settings in the camera interface.