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DW Compressor 'Universal' HD Analog Encoder!!

I think this is the product (16-Channel Universal HD Analog to IP Signal Encoder) that MANY have been waiting for!!

JD, thanks. 

DW says the 16 channel unit has a $780 MSRP and is just starting to ship. The pricing is fairly reasonable. We do plan to test it.

Yes, and even more so when you take into account the discounted cost of licenses for Spectrum. They, effectively, give you 12 camera licenses with the Compressor when comparing this Compressor vs other brands of encoders or DVRs.

For example, I have used a Dahua HD-CVI XVR instead of an encoder, which works well, but it isn't really a less expensive option. If you figure the cost of the XVR (~$200) plus 16 IP DW licenses (~$1040) and that totals to about $1250.

OTH, if you take the Compressor at MSRP of $780 and add in 4 Analog four pack licenses (DW-SPCP04LSC004) at $260 for a total of $1040. For a $200 savings, I would say that's a pretty good deal.

does this include AHD as well?  Trying to get myself familiar With HD analog Been in the  IP world forever.

Yes, Eddie, it includes AHD though they refer to it as HD-Analog in the announcement. Related, Digital Watchdog sells AHD cameras.

<eyes light up.     So does Samsung/Hanwha.

This item will be in high demand. I have been waiting for this and the price is good too. 

Only thing is It seems like it only works with DW stuff though. no ONVIF or 3rd party stuff on the network side. but product is pretty new so theres not full info out for it yet.

if it does or at the very least I can fat finger in RTSP stream locations I can start saying good bye to all these DVRs scattered everywhere I have to take care of.


Initially it’s designed to work with DW Spectrum using the DW Spectrum encoder license (1 license = 4 channels). It’s currently intended to be a simple analog to IP encoder device. It supports HD- Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and standard analog.   DW Spectrum will auto-recognize the cameras connected and offer smart search, synchronized playback and unified export just like other IP or encoded channels. . 

We hope to add support for I/O, Audio, PTZ and Onvif with firmware upgrades in the future and look forward to sharing those features as soon as they become available.

Sigh so what you are saying is its just a proprietary piece Of hardware?

Never mind hope is gone now it can stay on the shelf. It is over priced for for proprietary then.



Vote = Funny 

Its a Non-Proprietary (HD- Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and standard analog) for DW Spectrum user like Jon. 




Adding in ONVIF (out) support would give a far bigger market. I recognize the preference is to sell end-to-end DW but there's a big market who would use this with other VMSes.

Onvif with firmware upgrades in the future

Hopefully sooner than later. Releasing now with Onvif sets you apart from the rest. Without Onvif, it is proprietary as Eddie mentioned. I am a Spectrum user, but I don't care that much for proprietary hardware.

sets you apart from the rest.

of all the other the All in One (HD- Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and standard analog) encoders. 

Got it. 

No, that's not where I was going with that. I realize this is a unique product. But if it remains proprietary, others could just copy the product or release a product that is Onvif compliant. Dahua seems to be releasing this product soon. Dahua already has DVRs with HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS inputs. I have tested them with Spectrum as encoders and they worked with dual stream support. 

I'm sure your product is better and the licensing (1 license = 4 channels) option for your encoder will save money and encourage the use of your product when specifying Spectrum on installs.

Agreed, which is why are development team is working on that solution, as indicated. 

I can wait six months to sell a solution with Onvif or provide a solution today to important part of our market, DW Spectrum users. 

Patrick, agreed as long as ONVIF support is coming this year.

Patrick, I'm glad you did release it as soon as you can for us Spectrum sellers.

Until and if you release ONVIF or 3rd party integration options It remains a 3rd party Item


I understand that most Manufacturers are in this End to end solution mentality. as I have asked 5 other manufacturers for what this encoder may someday be. and all of them have said the said thing. But then we cant guarantee you will buy are cameras or storage or software.

No one other than hikvision is releasing or has released any HD analog encoder that is ONVIF complaint. even though large enterprise organizations/ government have been asking for it for 3 years now for the very reason I stated above. And hikvison shouldn't be in US/State government facilities.

and it is pointless what is on the other end ( coax) of the encoder if I cant use it with existing systems I do have.

if any manufacturer out there think that they are going got get end to end solutions in government/ enterprise facilities these days you deserve to go out of business. They are not going to be able to afford gut what they have ( especially if what is existing is still working and fine) and slap your product in. Those days are over.

Want to know what the new plan is? ONVIF compliant and open to 3rd party systems/VMS's. Your camera product line stagnates or support goes south guess what I find a new one that is ONVIF complaint and you are replaced. Get bought out by another company and discontinue the cameras I like? I go find new ONVIF cameras I like to replace them. The only thing that matters is my software and storage options.

More and more State and Federal government agencies are going this way. But if you want die in the low end by hikvision by all means go ahead hikvision doesn't have to make a profit.  

But if you want die in the low end by hikvision by all means go ahead...

Are you sure its ok with you?


Dahua has their XVR series that can be used as an encoder if you just don't install a HDD. However, you will likely need more licenses, depending on the VMS.

It will probably work great with milestone too now with its GPU enhancements.  

Finally, I have been trying to figure something out for awhile now. Nothing I tried worked consistently well. Price is reasonable especially when considering you won't have to run new cable. I am curious to know if it will work with 3MP cameras or if it's stuck at 2MP. 

The Compressor™ Analog to IP Signal Encoder converts 16 HD-Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI or 960H cameras into IP streams at real-time 30fps 1080p and up to 4MP resolution...

Does DW's AHD DVR line not work with Spectrum already?


Golbong claims a 16ch AHD, CVI, TVI encoder, or as they more cleverly refer to it, an encorder.  Connects at least to digifort (!)*.  They also have a 4ch unit, shown below:

May work on other VMSes that support Golbong devices, though I'm still looking for any...

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