Dummy Cam Install Done Right

I took some pics of maybe the most elaborate dummy cam install I have seen:

Install Recap: Dedicated, pressure treated 4x4 post, two signs, two outdoor dummy cams with blinking red LEDs, and a fake omnidirectional WiFi antenna. It was mounted in an outdoor gravel storage lot that was fenced on two sides and had several lamps.

Here's a closeup of the cameras, a $35 each dummy from Securitymaninc.com. The fake antenna looked like an old hacksaw blade:

It was obvious this was installed for these cameras. I did some mental math of the project cost here:

  • 4X4 yellow pine post: $10
  • Bag of Quickcrete: $3
  • 2 ea SM-3803 Cams: $70
  • 2 ea Fake Signs: $15
  • 1 ea Fake Antenna: $0
  • Install Labor, 3 hours @ $65/hr: $195

Total: ~$300

The person who installed this dummy setup did a good job, and they were not that far off from spending enough for a real setup! If I did not understand what I was looking at, I might actually be fooled by these dummy cams.

What do you think? Vote below:

...and they were not that far off from spending enough for a real setup!

Ain't it the truth.

With all the sympathy shown to Axis due to the 'race to the bottom', it's easy to overlook the biggest loser here, dummy camera manufacturers.

How do you compete with products that are the same price but actually function? One idea:

"Sure, their cameras may be real, but our cameras look real!"

To me, my brain says there is no way for wire, power or video, to get up the pole. Now if they had installed some conduit, that would help sell it.

Yes, but you're too smart to be a theif :)

I've go to tell you; take away the stupid blinking lights and add a PVC JB and a 1/2" pipe onto pole and it would fool me.