Dual View Hallway Cam

I had a customer tell me they have a camera on different sites that is dual sensor, single dome housing and they put it in the middle of a hallway to see down both sides. Other than taking a fisheye or quad view cam and disabling 2 sensors, I can't find this camera.

Anyone have any ideas on what else it could be? I didn't want to automatically assume the customer was mistaken, I'm just not finding anything.

Well I found one. The Mobotix D15, I don't think it's what the customer wanted as they stated it's also in a drop ceiling mount, but at least this is closer. Anyone have thoughts or suggestions?

See Mobotix DualDome. Also, Hikvision is soon to release a dual dome.

There might be some others but I agree with you that dual imager cameras are rare.

Edit - I saw you just responded to yourself.

Thank you for the response. While we're on topic has anyone had experience with the Axis F34 main unit and F4005? My thought was to place the F34 between two hallways above the ceiling, then place (2) F4005's in each hallway facing opposite directions.

It wouldn't save on licenses really (exacq), but it would cut cabling and switch requirements by a rough 75%. I just can't figure out if they're day/night cameras. Anyone have thoughts here?

I'm not sure for every scenario in the world, but any time we run one wire, adding a second isn't going to add any labor, and since category wire is relatively cheap, I don't think running that second wire is going to eat much cost; save you 75%.

The additional switch ports I could see being an issue at certain site though. No quick answer to that point. If they have a maxed out switch, adding another could easily ruin the budget.

Another side point to make is that if both imagers are housed inside one dome, how much overlap can you get direclty beneath the camera? Does this setup lead to a big deadzone? Wouldn't spacing the cameras out a little, in an opposing position, give you a larger likelyhood of no deadzone?

What about panoramics? If you don't want a deadzone and can only afford one cable/port, a fisheye lens may be in order. You also get the savings of a single VMS license, which affords you a higher MP sensor. Would a 12MP fisheye compete with a 2MP multi-imager dome?

Thank you for your thoughts, they are appreciated and help me sort through options. Below are my thoughts on your response.

For the 75%, I was stating products/supplies/units for operation required, not cost. While we're on it though, cable and connectors can be cheap, but I am almost always required to install panduit/general, ortronics/commscope for warranty (also requires a certified test and print out of individual cable test results) that can add up quickly. Basically me pondering whether the reduction in secondary supplies could lead to a more cost effective solution (granted I have not used the product so I have no idea on image quality).

As a side note, I completely get that these are not "ip cameras" and probably wouldn't use them often, but for the application, I'm trying to find a creative way to save costs and achieve the same basic end goal. I thought about the Wisenet Lite series (actually pretty good basic camera in my opinion), but after calculating costs and estimating install, these come out to approximately $100 more per camera and I have a lot of hallways to cover (there are additional variables I am required to adhere to like flush mounting all cameras which is figured into that cost analysis). I have planned for more robust cameras in larger common areas, but am trying to find discount options for the sheer number of corridors I have to cover.

Deadzone - the F34/F4005 can utilize corridor format and has a 110 degree field of view, so I may get a deadzone, but it should be minimal if I do. Thought about moving to opposite sides, but it will increase my labor time (yes minimal, but adds up quicker than you think), and I think I can achieve the required view with the corridor format. Might be wrong on operation of the mode as I haven't used it in a while, idk. Any thoughts/recommendations on this? My ideas are based soley on datasheets for this and don't have personal experience replicating this design requirement.

Panoramic - I really only use these in special cirumstances or if the customer thinks they're the greatest thing ever and asks for one. When the M3007 came out I purchased one and quickly realized how disappointing they can be for the cost. They've made strides sure as I've seen here when testing other manufacturers, my opinion is that in most cases though, they're not worth it (explanation below). Im by no means set on the install as I stated above, and the lack of day/night in the F34 setup is.....interesting, but do not need that feature for this application. Last thing here, panoramics are not a bad idea when youre trying to cover an 8-12 ft. radius, but I think the image quality diminishes faster at farther distances than a standard lens camera (just my opinion from what I see reviewed here and the few installs I've done with panos in an interior hallway setting). The higher megapixel is an intruiging idea, but still is not as cost effective; based on two hallway coverage, though it's closer.

Anyways, thanks again for your thoughts. It was good info to think through and if you have any others or disagree with my assumptions/experience, I certainly would like to hear it as I may be missing a key piece in the process.

Your other option is the Mobotix S15 cam with what we refer to as the surround mount. See link here: https://www.mobotix.com/other/Products/Accessories/Mounts/SurroundMount