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Checking Multiple IP Camera Streams

When a VMS establishes dual streams with a camera, are they always/mostly RTSP streams?

Is there a way I can locate these streams for ex using C:\netstat or wireshark for troubleshooting purposes?

Regret if I misled you.

RTSP stream is starting at the camera and has a URL to access the stream. It has to be known beforehand to access the stream. "Netstat" won't help locate that but can confirm VMS accessing those streams. To identify, one way is to use "Wireshark" in the VMS, it will capture the RTSP URL as VMS tries to open up the stream from camera. Else, use the listing at: RTSP - SoleraTec

"URL Snooper" may work too.

may i ask what parameters you used with netstat to help with stream identification? thanks

To me from me...

Yeah they both help stream identification and analysis...