Cameras And Drywall Anchors?

When it comes to hanging cameras on drywall, a few missteps can turn a $50 install into a $300 repair job if done incorrectly. Pretty quickly you learn: every screw into drywall needs an anchor behind it.

When it comes to drywall anchors: any preferences or brand recommendations to share?

In my experience, I just used the cheapest type for most (non-load bearing) work, so I'm unrefined. You installation veterans: which do you prefer?

I've always been a fan of these:

They always felt more secure than the push-in ones. Plus it was one step to install, instead of having to drill then hammer.

For heavier things or plaster walls I've also used toggle bolts.

Those are some of my favorite also.

Second Ethan's suggestion for EZ-Anchors, except I prefer the metal ones - I find with the plastic ones, either the screwdriver slot strips out too easily if the going gets tough (thick layer of paint or wallpaper, for example), or the tip mushes out before it penetrates (ditto).

Of course, one of the gotchas with these is when you run into a stud with them, and then you have a big hole chewed out... if the site has wooden studs, however, you can use these, and they'll drill right into the wood:

For more holding power, toggles are great, but you're back to the two-stage procedure of drilling a BIG hole first... instead, how about something like this?  They drill in like a standard EZ Anchor, then the toggle opens up when you drive the screw in:

There are other variations on the design where the tip splits apart (similar to in Ethan's picture) or in other ways improves the holding strength.  Note that ANY type of wall anchors - be they for hollow wall, brick, concrete, etc. - should list what weight they're rated to support, so you can compare based on your requirements.

These are the best. Pretty much all I used as an installer.

I rarely use anchors (I find most screws hold good on drywall when carefully using a screw driver, not a drill). Hey, I even install alarm boxes and power supply boxes w/out anchors. When I do use anchors, I favor those used by Ethan.

This is true: for lighter objects like alarm sensors, mini-dome cameras, etc., something like a coarse-thread (for wood studs rather than metal) drywall screw will generally hold the drywall just fine on its own. Of course, they won't hold much of someone tries to rip the equipment down...

As Ethan said above, these....

I prefer the ones above, over the one with the little blade on them (the first one Matt sugested) I have had those little blades snap on me sooo many times.

Stud. I almost NEVER use drywall anchors if I can avoid it.

But if I cannot - the metal EZ-Anchor is the only way to go.

these little gems are spendy... they are great for ceiling cameras and are also great for mounting heavier loads (such as monitors or small racks) or where structure isn't available...

Agreed. We use SnapTogglers for many use cases. Extra nice in metal stud construction.

jeppie... you are right metal stud construction they work extremely well... i find them so nice for mounting monitors when you don't always have a stud available to center up a mount... these work great in those instances...

Not sure what spendy is, but we use those for heavier objects, like shelves. However, you don't really need something that robust for a camera IMO. It also takes longer to install than the metal fastners.

How does one quantify "spendy" in a hollow wall anchor, when compared to the cost of a $1000+ camera hitting the floor? :)

Can someone (Brian, Ethan) do a quick roundup of options and approximate pricing?

spendy was a comparative against the anchors listed above... red anchors ez anchors etc... the snaptoggle i believe go for over $1.25/each...

Not sure why you would pay so much for SnapToggles. They are only $0.54 each here.

I would love nothing more than to see a thread dissolve into a heated argument over the price of fasteners. I also like making small children cry and kicking dogs.

Mostly I'm just impressed this thread is still going!

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Riveting stuff, really. Everyone here has really nailed it.

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To everyone on this thread, Thank you so much for all the information. It has really helped me a lot.