Dropcam Catches Gun Thieves

Here's a fairly stereotypical 'home robber caught on video' story from my hometown, where the burglars stole a number of guns: [Story and Video Link]

Still image from Dropcam of thief stealing rifle:

Stash of [unsecured] rifles the thieves targeted:

I have a few observations & questions after watching this clip:

  • Alarm stickers don't deter thieves.
  • Why in the world didn't this guy have a gunsafe?
  • Journalists will always say 'security cameras were rolling' no matter how many decades removed we are from when cameras actually rolled film.
  • Where did the idea that 'stealing the camera = destroying video evidence' originate? Only recently are cameras sophisticated enough to hold storage, but it seems like knocking down the cameras after a robbery has been in the burglar's handbook for years.

At the end, supposedly the homeowner beefed up his alarm system by having it dial the cops, but I'd be the first to tell him he really hasn't done anything substantial to improve his home's security. Agree/Disagree?

Curious to get your thoughts.

Yes for sure this moron should have had a gun safe or at least a lockable display cabinet. I mean really...

I do think alarm stickers help but they should not be used in lieu of an alarm system. You also have to look at response time to that area. I installed alarms in homes out in the country where the response time was going to be long so the criminals would be gone if they planned it out correctly. So ya it doesn't do a darn good to have an alarm system dial into a central station who calls the cops if the response time is going to be an hour.

The best security would have been having one of those in hand to stop the criminal or having them locked up so the criminal couldn't easily get to them.

I think alarm stickers are like dummy cameras they might work but, sometimes it might come back to bite you in the butt when you need it most. Also I agree about the locked cabinet but, if they were for display a glass case would of been broken just as easy.