Driveway Monitor To Trip PTZ

Has anyone used a wireless driveway monitor with an output to trip an input on an NVR that would move the PTZ to the preset? If so, what have you used?

Application, one of our customers has a PTZ that he uses to watch the farm. It's home position is set to watch the house. However he has a pretty long driveway and would like the PTZ to move to the driveway when someone is pulling up. The position of the sensor would be about 200 feet from the house. Wireless is needed.

Optex 2000

The Optex 2000, as U1 indicated, looks solid.

For the NVR case, I have used a couple different Dahua models with Dahua PTZ's and I/O triggering. Would be wary though if not using Dahua PTZ...

Are you looking for something optical, PIR, or a buried loop? Would one of those options be more or less prone to issues in this driveway?

Buried sensors are generally the best for avoiding false alarms, but you have to bury them, obviously. There are some you bury next to the driveway instead of under, but they're not as accurate.

FWIW, I haven't tested it, but I'm probably going to be buying a Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 for my driveway. It claims 1/2 mile range and the receiver has relay outputs. It's pretty well reviewed and a fairly cheap entry point (~$150).

That's pretty cool.

It doesn't even need a DVR/NVR. I didn't see what frequency it operates at, do you know?

This is the one I have been looking at. Dakota Alert BBA-2500

I don't want to bury anything here, it's way out in the middle of nowhere and he doesn't really want to spend much more money. We just upgraded his 10 year old Bosch system to TVI and he loves it.

I've door contacts but never anything like this. Maybe someone else has?

I've used the Dakota alert stuff a fair amount. Consumer level, but works well and the company is really cool to work with