Double Posting Bug Fixed

We pushed a fix to the double comment posting bug. Once the submit button is pressed, the button is disabled / greyed out now, so the user cannot hit it again. This should fix it but if anyone sees a problem, let us know. You can even try it out for yourself on this thread!


Seems to work.


Now if you can just fix the <edit> problem with both IE8 and my Crackberry, I'll be all smiles!

IE8 edits don't "take". I click the edit button and the editing screen comes up; make my edit and save it and the changes are lost. I discovered that the "fix" for that is to right-click the edit button and open it in a new window. The subsequent edits do appear.

On my Crackberry, er I mean Blackberry, the edit button doesn't work. I have to place the pointer over the edit button, then choose "Open Link in New Tab", then the edit box opens in the new tab.

Carl -

To fix the blackberry problem John would probably need a device to test on. AFAIK, you may be the last living Blackberry user, so you'll have to fedex yours to Oahu for testing ;)


I wanted a Galaxy SIII but work only provides Crackberries (unless you're a Director or above - then you get an iPhone). :-(

On the plus side, the Blackberry Bold I have now is a huge improvement over the Curve I had before.

We'll check on the edit button. This is another javascript issue where IE8 works differently than modern / real browsers.


For an explanation of why I'm stuck with IE8, read my previous post, substituting Windows XP for Blackberry/Crackberry :-(