Double Dilemma On How To Proceed,Suggestions Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

I have a hangar job to do the budget is wide open.

There are two hangars connected via multi mode fiber and they have three towers inside of each all spaced equal. The hangars are 113m by 81m by 20 meters high and 49m between hangars and are arranged like 2 rectangles in a row.

All towers inside have comms via fiber that are interconnected. All Towers inside hangar can talk through fiber network.

I am leaning towards an exacqvision unit in tower 1 and bring 19 hikvision ptz darkfighter ds-2df8223 to main server. I am still in decision process and have axis units in service at another site. I have some issues with dropping cameras and not working in extreme cold -25 north.

The cameras are going to be situated on all corners and one connected via fiber a kilometer away. The plan was to have the ability to retract camera units from corners for maintenance to avoid jlg requirements in future as its 65 feet to top and our main lift is roughly 45 feet max height. This retract is to be designed or fabricated to assist in fall arrest requirements plus avoid rental of 65 foot jlg in future. Any suggestions???

Gerald, thanks for sharing.

Are the main question / decisions:

- What type/model of PTZ to use?

- How to best retract / service the PTZs?

Are there other important questions to cover?

I don't know where you are located, but Altron is a UK based company that specializes in CCTV lifts. They are typically telescoping towers, but they do offer a custom design service that I am sure can come up with a design to fit your needs.

Thanks john:The model of ptz is hikvision 8223 or an axis equivalent but with low light capabilities of 8223 and equivalent zoom functions plus ability to use poe or 24vac i don't see alternative.The retract idea is coming from my engineering section they want avoid access problem in future.The roof is flat so they want to be able to walk out using a tether on worker and somehow retract camera from corner of building.I advised mounting camera at 45feet using conventional mount and our jlg would be able to reach it for maintenance but they want 65 feet full height of hangar with no real gain i believe.

Thanks mark looks like good site but our application is corner mount raised edge type.i will post pic but got to get approval.

Same site, just a different page. Here (case study #1 lower down the page). It is a corner mount that has a ballast swivel so that it swings down for service. They can custom make what ever you need.

These are used in freeway cameras across the US. I have seen them in Denver, Utah and New Jersey so the cold shouldn't be an issue. Other brands are available.