Dorlet Access Control Experience?


Any body has experience with Dorlet Access Control Products?



Here is Dorlet Access Control company page.

I do not recall strong opinion of this platform from access course members. 

The platform combines intercom, VoIP, and access features in one software, which is fairly uncommon.  

Everything is IP based, which seems smart for integrating all those pieces/systems together.  However, not all customers may be comfortable with 'all the eggs in one basket', meaning if one aspect of the system fails other major systems could be impacted.


Thnx for your opinion, however I am asking about the access control products only, if any one had a previous experience with them for stability, functionality, integration with other system/brands.......

They aren't a major player, and the integrations are fairly weak - this list shows  cameras, and VMS is missing vendors like Genetec, Exacq, Hanwa, Hikvision, and Dahua.


so, san we select DORLET as an access control system for new setup projects using the ASD, controller from DORLET