Door Jamb Camera Options For Retail Customer

Hey all,

We have a retail customer looking for a door jamb camera to capture faces of subject entering and/or exiting the store.

They would like them at the sides of the door(s), but they may also go with a centrally located single unit at the top of the door.

They want them installed in the door jamb/frame itself.

I did some quick searching and have not seen a lot of options that would work for them.

Some criteria to consider:

  1. Must be IP
  2. Must be ONVIF compliant (at least Profile S) for integration to NVR
  3. Should be day/night
  4. May need WDR in some stores (depending on position of the camera)
  5. Smart IR would be great...but I know that's a reach

I will continue to look around to see what I can find, but I wanted to get the experts to weigh in with your experiences/suggestions. If I find anything interesting I will update the thread here.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Samsung has the SNB-J-6010 camera. It is a door jamb unit that mounts in/on the jamb, and then there is a cable to goes to the interface box.

The camera is 2Mp/Full HD, has WDR, the angle of the camera is adjustable, PoE, ONVIF, Micro SDXC memory card slot, analytics, Open Platform for 3rd part apps, & more.  It also has face detection, which can be used for recording or tagging the video for easy review.


It is not True Day/Night, and not IR sensitive.

Axis makes the P85 Series.

Hey Matt: In addition to using detached pinhole-style camera models (ie: Axis F Series or similar), you might check to see if the door manufacturer sells camera accessories for jamb or PIR mounts.

For example, Stanley sells several types of door cameras, but they also will sell the cutout brackets and mounting hardware. The particular door/frame manufacturer, especially if it is a retail sliding door, might be some help here too!

Ganz by CBC has a 1080p IP height strip camera as well as a door frame camera option:

Both are Digital Day/Night and WDR with SDXC Edge Recording, PoE, ONVIF Profile S). We can fabricate customized solutions through Broadsight Systems